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Philadelphia Celebrates

Computer Science Education WEEK

December 7-13, 2020

Teachers, parents, and community leaders across Philadelphia are encouraged to engage young people in fun, free, interactive computer science activities available online in December. 

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click here to check out the whole quilt created by over 100 students!


During CS Ed Week, approximately 1,500 Philadelphia students from grades 6-12 participated in CodeQuilt Philadelphia. In this collaborative activity, students take ownership of their own stories about coding -- stories often lost and ignored across apps, websites, and other digital media -- by designing digital quilt patches.


Together, these patches formed a collective quilt representing their new stories and visions for who can code and why we code. 

CodeQuilt introduced students to basic programming concepts on Scratch. Students were provided with a template on Scratch with basic building blocks that can be remixed, and at the end, they shared their projects in the Scratch Studio. 

Thanks to Dr. Yasmin Kafai and her team at the University of Pennsylvania GSE for designing CodeQuilt Philadelphia, and to our partners at Codio for hosting it.  AND thanks to all of the educators, students, and parents who participated in CS Ed Week 2020!

Thanks to our Sponsors

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